Monday, June 18, 2007

Schools have the right to collect biometric data in the UK with out parents permission

Independent Sunday 17th June

"Ministers will issue guidance telling schools they have the right to collect biometric data and install fingerprint scanners."

"It is understood that schools will not have to gain written permission from each parent before their child's fingerprints are taken."

"Schools will be able to place fingerprint scanners at the entrances to classrooms, the school gates and even in cafeterias."

Quite unbelievable. Doesn't the government take world leading experts seriously on this matter? Obviously not. This 'guidance' should make interesting reading when/if it is ever issued.

See the England Expects blog for more comment on this.


Anonymous said...

the lunatics really have taken over the asylum !
why am I not surprised

Shirl said...

Absolutely outrageous!