Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Updated Advice for schools on using pupil's Biometrics

Last Month the Department for Education issued an updated advice for schools taking and processing students biometric data.

This useful advice is also a 'must' read for students and parents so they are fully aware of their rights of access to services should they choose NOT to participate in a biometric system.

A recent survey, carried out by DefendDigitalMe, revealed that:
"Over a third (38%) [of parents] of those who said their child’s school uses biometric technology said they were not offered a choice of whether to use this system or not and 50% have not been informed how long the fingerprints or other biometric data are retained for, or when they will be destroyed — despite the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 requiring parental consent, and an alternative to be on offer, showing that practical guidance is needed to help schools understand how to implement the legislation."
This shows that there is still clearly a lack of understanding by schools of their legislative obligations to parents and students with regards to biometric data storage, processing and their consent.

Please do have a read of the above advice, any of the information here and make an informed choice about your/your children's biometric data.