Scotland's 100,000 iPad rollout to school students

The latest 2018 records show that Scotland has a school population of 693,251 pupils.  Over 10% of those pupils are to be issued iPads from some Local Authorities as part of a deal with CGI, a multinational Canadian firm who have successfully gained IT contracts in Glasgow and Scottish Borders.  CGI also are the IT providers for Edinburgh City Council.
Scottish Borders  Total school population – 14,589 
9,000 iPads are to be given to all 11-17 year olds and one iPad for ‘P1 to P5 pupils at a ratio of one for every five of them, although these will be kept at their schools.’
The ‘Inspire Learning‘ programme is Scottish Borders Council’s £16m project name for the roll out of iPads.  They are working with CGI, Apple and XMA to deliver the digital learning strategy.  “This report presents an overview of the implications of Scottish Borders Council’s intent to create a world-class digital learning environment across the Scottish Borders that will reduce inequality and improve academic performance amongst our young people.”
Glasgow Total school population  – 68,750
52- 54,000 iPads to be rolled out by 2021.  To be given to all secondary school children and to students in the final two years of primary education, P5 and P6.  Accordingly, ‘Interactive whiteboards in classrooms and playrooms are to be replaced by Apple TV’ with this project being “…the biggest Apple education project in Europe”.  Total number of student to benefit from the iPads is reported at 70,000 in the cities schools and nurseries.
Not just the biggest Apple education project in Europe but the biggest in the world:
We will provide access to over 50,000 Apple iPads to every child from P6 and above (the largest deployment of Apple iPads to schools in the world).”
From Digital Glasgow Strategy
Glasgow City Council state that, “The overall project will involve the roll-out of 52,000 iPads across Glasgow schools, including 47,100 student iPads and an additional 6,900 iPads for teachers. The City Council claims that this is the largest Apple education project in Europe.  All iPads will be tracked and managed by the council’s Mobile Device Management system. “
Edinburgh Total school population – 50,607
Edinburgh  has 27,000 iPads in its schools”.  Tynecastle High School, in south west Edinburgh, is an Apple Distinguished School, pioneering Apple iPad educational technology and delivering courses on the tech.  iPads have been in Edinburgh’s schools since 2012.
Perth and Kinross1,100 children in a new build school to have an iPad each, from Autumn Term 2019, as part of a longitudinal study by the University of Highlands and Islands to see impact on learning.  ‘Perth and Kinross Council will be in control of the apps installed on the devices.’

4-5ReceptionP1 (Early level)
5-6Year 1P2 (First level)
6-7Year 2P3 (First level)
7-8Year 3P4 (First level)
8-9Year 4P5 (Second level)
9-10Year 5P6 (Second level)
10-11Year 6P7 (Second level)
11-12Year 7S1 (Third/Fourth level)
12-13Year 8S2 (Third/Fourth level)
13-14Year 9S3 (Third/Fourth level)
14-15Year 10S4 (Senior phase)
15-16Year 11S5 (Senior phase)
A-Levels and SCE Highers – not compulsory
16-17Year 12S6 (Senior phase)
17-18Year 13Year 14

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