Monday, June 04, 2007

Guidelines for schools elusive

This from The Sun : "Last night [June 3rd 2007] Schools Minister Jim Knight agreed to draw up strict guidelines"

He also agreed to this in February this year, from Hansard 5 Feb 2007:

Jim Knight: "The Department is working with the British Educational Communications and Technology Agency which is revising its current guidance on data protection to include specific guidance on biometric technology. Becta aims to make the guidance available on its website by the end of March 2007 after consultation with the Office of the Information Commissioner."

So the Department of Education has been working on guidelines since February, delayed publication to March, then May and still Jim Knight is working on guidelines......mmm, there are a number of possibilities here:

1. Either the guidelines are going to be issued in the form of a trilogy, due to length of time taken to write, and will appear not just on BECTA's website but also on Amazon.

2. There are no guidelines being written.

3. There were guidelines but Jim Knight's dog chewed them up, honest.

4. It's a legal nightmare and the Department of Education, the ICO and BECTA are simply not issuing them yet due to legal complications.

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