Thursday, June 14, 2007

Father bans schools from fingerpring his child

The Oxford Mail reported last week that Ben Emlyn-Jones, who's 12 year old daughter was to be fingerprinted St Gregory the Great School in Cowley for a library fingerprint system, has refused permission for the school to take her biometric data.

He refused to allow his daughter's fingerprints to be taken and was also concerned that the school had not contacted parents.

He added: "It is as if they know it is wrong and have done it secretly, hoping no-one finds out."

On this occasion this parent was lucky to find out that the schools were planning to do this. Many parents do not find out until after their children's biometric fingerprint have already been stored on their school's PC.

If you have any doubts about fingerprinting children in schools the Leave Them Kids Alone website has a page devoted to questions to ask your school about this.

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