Thursday, July 05, 2007

Back on the job!

Not posted for a while, the recent flooding has disrupted our city with a 5th of all homes affected, schools shut, council services not operating to the full, events cancelled then rescheduled... we had 4 inches of water come through out front room ceiling, came in through the outside brick pointing as the guttering didn't cope with the monsoon like rain, buckets and tarpaulin saved the day -
but we got off lightly in comparison to some.

So... back to work!

Schools using biometrics for lunch recently, Kirkley High School in Lowestoft, Norfolk:
“The cashless catering system gives us the ability to influence where they eat and what they eat." said Headteacher, John Clinton

Also Bristol City academy is to scan students' fingerprints to allow them to get their lunch. The £20,000 (!) scheme will be launched at the City Academy - the first to be built in the city - from September.

One parent, Clare Stephenson stated,"I am staggered that no consultation has been made with parents about this and it is being pushed through in time for the new school term,"

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