Monday, May 28, 2007

Bradford school covering up on seeking parental consent

Over on Tarique's blog it seems that his child's school has stretched the truth on the issue of obtaining parental consent before fingerprinting children, after they were put under pressure by Kirklees Council in Huddersfield. In his words the school has "blatantly lied to them" (the council).

Tarique has written to the council about the school's fabrication that they claim to have sought parental consent to take children's biometrics. Schools misleading local councils/LEA's, I would have thought, is a very serious matter. Lets see how Kirklees Council deals with this.

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Anonymous said...

nothing surprises me with schools lying
the vicar who is the head of SEN governor at our school pretended the children had only been playing with the scanne( after telling me how wonderful it had been for 2 years)
obviously no consent was ever asked for(scanner promptly removed after the subject was raised)they simply pretended they had never used it.