Tuesday, May 08, 2007

"Issues and Standardization"

There is another well written article, "Issues and Standardization" by Patricia Duebel in The Journal where she tackles the issues surrounding consent, privacy and industry standardization, making separate, isolated biometric databases compatible with each other.

This is part 2 of three articles. The last article will "look at vendor claims and a sound business plan of action that leads to a security solution you really need."

There are many issues involving this technology with children and as with any tool, biometrics used in the right circumstances can be used to good effect. However schools, currently both in the UK and US, really don't have much 'informed' information to go off than biometric vendor claims. In this respect Patricia's articles are a valuable read for both parents, students and school districts considering this technology, covering a wide range of aspects on this issue, backed up with independent references.

"After getting an understanding of the technology, its potential and the issues surrounding its use, will you allow your district to be swayed by vendor claims? The important question is: "Do you require a reliable biometric solution, or is it just something that would be nice to have?" Don't put the cart before the horse. You're not ready yet to decide. You need a business plan of action, but that's for next time." (page 4, last paragraph).

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