Sunday, January 28, 2007

Schools building in biometric systems under BSF

With the governments Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme one biometric company is partnering up with the large PFI contract holders/bidders to build in biometric systems in schools that are either being renovated or new build schools.

Consultation with learning authorities and local councils should be required with written consent obtained from all parents, before the biometrics are built into these schools as standard.

"The Building Schools for the Future (BSF) and Academies program requires ICT solutions providers to bid for all the ICT systems in a single bid. In order for the OnRecord range of products to be made available to the BSF and Academies projects, Gladstone Education have developed close partnerships with some of the leading educational ICT suppliers within the UK."

A biometric developer that piononeered the vein scanner in a scottish primary school, currently has a 15 year management contract with an academy in Middlesbough.

"Fujitsu is providing a managed service under a fifteen-year contract that specifies key performance indicators and service level agreements."

If you are concerned about the use of biometric systems in schools then contact your local council for their reassurance that this technology will not be used without full consultation and consent from parents.

It is worth checking the companies that get awarded the contracts for the schools in your area as they are independant parties that will have access to your children's data.

This from the General Manager of Fujitsu Europe Limited.

"Biometric solutions will increasingly allow us to move towards a cashless society"

So no ulterior motive for this company then to get'em whilst they're young...

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