Saturday, January 13, 2007

Comments on fingerprinting

As the row rumbles on in York, it emerges that another school has taken children's fingerprints without parental consent.

The first two comments at the bottom of the article made me smile:

"Well if it only stops one terrorist attack, it'll be worth it"

"Library tickets in the front line in the fight against terrorism - amazing!"

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Anonymous said...

alway see the point of the objection about fingerprinting kids but if I told you there is a system that uses biometrics in the school but not fingerprinting them so your children could go safely online at HOME now would you object? and if biometrics again not fingerprinting in schools made sure your child attended every class or when on a school trip of holiday could report to you eeryday they where away to say they were safe, or where not bullied for money or better still allowed you to pay for everything you have to pay for in the school so your kids don't have to take cash and cheques to school would your moan. how many monday morning do you have with 3x dinner moneies transport and the od school trip to pay for with that one £20 pound note in your purse? Biometrics is the key to all these things! and how about YOU the parent have the say how the data is used and the benefits it gains. You see with fingerprintig you have a supporter but to outlaw biometrics you really need to understand the technology