Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Primary school gives parents "right information" to "understand the positives of this system"

Parents of children attending Swalecliffe Community Primary School who were concerned
about their children using biometrics to access the lunch line that talked to the school got "the right information understand the positives of this system."  

Having heard many justifications for schools to use biometrics I was interested to see what "right information" Swalecliffe Community Primary School were giving to parents so I asked to see this via the Freedom of Information Act.  Steve Clayton, the Business Manager also stated that this biometric system would save the school "essential funds" - brilliant!  Seriously, any system that can save public tax payers money deserves consideration, so I also asked to see cost benefit analysis done on the biometric system.

Interesting that biometrics is finding it's way back into the primary school market.  Previously fingerprinting primary age school children gave biometrics in schools bad press (hence my involvement when my 6 and 7 year old children were nearly fingerprinted without my consent in 2005).  

Let's see what Swalecliffe's repsonse is - it's due by 21st February 2014.


Unknown said...

It will likely be to do with either/and/or money, security, welfare of children, faster system to use, keeping up with the times. All platitudes as far as I'm concerned.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how there can be cost benefit, as this breaches the on convention on a child's rights. Futher more to gain access to the printers if you don't have a finger print registered they have to scan your face to generate a unique id, so you can print your work. If you refuse then your child will have to go to the teacher to get them to print your work! It's totally stupid, as children will be stigmatised.