Thursday, February 28, 2013

A parent's communication with school implementing biometrics

This month a concerned parent wrote to her child's school after finding out the school was planning to implement a biometric system.  She has kindly allowed the communications to be published so other parents wanting to use any of the information, the Freedom of Information request or the letter, sent to the school can see some questions to ask and points to consider.

Freedom of Information request sent to a school implementing a biometric system and a Letter raising concerns and links to aspects for the school to consider.

The law changes here in the UK.  Come September 2013 schools must have the written signature of one parent and the consent of the child in order to process a students biometric data. 

In light of this the UK Department of Education published these guidelines and template letters for schools to use in light of the pending leglislation:
Protection of Biometric Information of Children in Schools.
Government response to the consultation on draft advice on protection of information of children in schools

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