Saturday, June 07, 2008

Children's biometric data at risk

Just caught the below on the Thumbs down blog run by a parent, about the complete lack of security surrounding a computer with children's biometric data on - how appalling!

"A very short comment on the school’s security:

At pick up today we walked through the nursery playground. I usually go the other way, but we both went today.

The library is inside a cottage between the Nursery and the Infant School. As I walked past the cottage door, I noticed it was wide open.

Around the corner I glanced in through the library window and saw that the room was empty. 5 minutes or so later, after a significant number of parents had walked past it, the cottage door was still open.

I poked my head inside and called “Hello! Anybody there?” Quite loudly. Reply came there none, so I walked in the three steps to the library door, tried the handle and opened it. There by the door was the computer, with the thumbscanner, just to confirm it is the one with the biometric data inside.

This is the computer about which the Governors saidreasonable security measures are taken”."


Anonymous said...

Crucify these people !

What do they want ? For us to be like Italy where, following the furore over the fingerprinting of Roma children, who are suffering all sorts of blame and allegations, they now want ALL children to be fingerprinted to help ensure 'that they go to school'...

Stop this madness now !!!

Pippa King said...

In order to stop it people need to be made aware. Most adults are not aware that probably over a million children have already got their biometric data on such systems here in the UK, and that's a conservative estimate.