Sunday, March 09, 2008

Iowa rejects the re-introduction of fingerprint scanners in schools

Des Moines Register, Iowa, USA, reports the bills that are up for debate, and therefore possible legislation, and those that are not to be debated and made into law.

"...state lawmakers pushed dozens of bills through committee, saving them from today's so-called "funnel" deadline. The week is a pivotal time for legislation. Bills that made the deadline will be debated. Those that failed the funnel are done."

Biometric fingerprint scanners in schools didn't make it through the 'funnel'.


FINGERPRINT SCANNERS: Some schools want to be able to use fingerprint scanners to speed children through lunch lines, the library checkout and bus boarding. State lawmakers outlawed the devices for school use in 2005 amid concerns about legal issues, privacy and information hacking. And this idea was stripped from Senate Study Bill 3010 this year.


Anonymous said...

Scanners don't do work so good. Peopel put scanners in places that are not needed, but in the places that are needed they don't put it. Scanners make children seem like they are in jail. Like if they are automaticly done something bad. Reguardless children seek something in without teachers knowing it. Scanners should be in a place that is truly needed and not put in a school because there are a high percentage of colored people so they are labeled as someone who is most likly going to have a gun. If you look at the news you see who are the people who kill many people, none that i have seen so far that made the news are in the urban citys.

Bob Engen said...

The protection of kids from identity theft should have pushed this bill through as a priority. Unfortunately ignorance on how biometrics protects identity instead of hurting it causes poor judgment to occur. Throughout the nation we are installing biometric systems that do not store the fingerprint image and families are benefiting in that only their kids are able to eat off their lunch account. Identity theft in schools is at an all time high and unfortunately Iowa kids and families have to continue to suffer because of the ignorance of a few legislators. This should be corrected immediately so that local school boards can decide for themselves what is best for their schools, not the state.