Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Leeds pupils speak out

Over on Taz's blog the ongoing annoyance and concerns of pupils and parents at Morley High School, run by Education Leeds, continues, with much debate...

"i am a student at morley high school and now see why no letters were sent out, the ironic thing about this system is that in our school it dosent even work as expected because if multiple students use there fingerprints at the same time the orders get mixed up and so many people have to pay for things they havent even purchased ...and the head teacher is reported to be one of the best in the local area" mmm.... in some peoples views maybe not so "best"

Such systems can cost up to £25,000. When biometric systems do not educationally benefit children (depending from who's point of view), just think how better this 25K and the annual running costs of the system could be better spent on our children's education.


Anonymous said...

Stalag Morley High school's "Head of all the heads" J. Townsley
recently announced in the mainstream media that the so called new and totally bloody useless cashless catering system cost the British tax payers a mere
Only a "mere" £14,000 Townsley?
A very strange and fairyland figure to quote. The usual trend is between £20K & £30K

Time will tell

Anonymous said...

kids come first!,scrap it,jez

Anonymous said...

aye,it is high time that the so called"public servants"truly begin to understand the true nature and accountability of this most shameful system. stop wasting our money on this useless crap, scrap this system that causes no end of grief and suffering. kids are going hungry! money is going missing and it is also robbing kids of a 3 mile bus fair home for gods sake!
stop putting our kids at risk
scrap it now. jez