Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Without much understanding of what ARCH (Action on Rights for Children) achieves it could be said that we were being branded as a little alarmist in this article, but perhaps justified given that the UK government has just "lost" 25 million children's/families data that it holds.


Anonymous said...

jeez this is so incredibly disturbing!
How can a "journalist" make light & fun out of this?

Does he not know that 25 MILLION personal records of virtually every child in the UK have suddenly gone missing?

From how I understand things, this journalist is supposed to also be a parent right?
sadly, I trusted el reg for honest reporting. However,with reports like this, I have no confidence in el-reg anymore. If such reporting matters more than humanity this is a sad slippery slope indeed.
just a mum

Pippa King said...

I have to say el reg has reported well in the past on such issues, including biometrics in schools, but not so good on this one. Dissapointing.

Thanks for your comment :)