Sunday, September 16, 2007

Schools right to fingerprint without consent?

Chris Woodhead, who was the Chief Inspector of Schools in England from 1994 until 2000, answers this parent query on the Times Online website.
My 15-year-old son’s school recently informed parents that it would be introducing technology which uses pupils’ fingerprints to pay for school dinners. The school say they want to discourage children from bringing cash into school. How is that schools can keep this sort of personal information that could lead to identity theft? Where do parents stand in demanding their child’s fingerprints be removed from the system? Fiona Byrne, Leicestershire

The school has no right to fingerprint your son without your consent. You can therefore demand that his fingerprints are removed from its records.

I worry that our children will come to assume that those in authority have a right to demand any information they desire.

Although schools may not have the right morally, schools, with the support of the Labour Government Education Dept, are being told that they are operating within the law which enables tham to 'fingerprint' children without informing parents - until this assumed right is tested in a court of law.

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Anonymous said...

The very act of fingerprinting children without parental consent literally stinks of corruption.

Oh wow!.....what a pong! ick..

Hellooooooo.... parents! It is time to wake up from your deep, deep slumber!!!! er now.......not tomorrow, not next week, but this very moment which is 'now'

Hello...they are snatching your kids personal biometric data without your permission, knowledge or consent

Do you understand what this honestly entails? nah...didn't think so...

INFORM yourselves!!!!

With love from an informed parent who cares