Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Child fingerprinted without parents knowledge

As Gloucester County Council decide whether or not to endorse the recent governments advice to schools on biometric systems one family in Gloucester finds out that their son was fingerprinted without their knowledge, for library use.

The parents are rightly furious.

Roberta Smart said: "They should certainly have asked before doing anything like this. I would have refused. Systems can also be hacked into, and identity fraud takes place often. Will our children be next?

These are youngsters and for them this is just the way things are done. That is why parents, who know it isn't, need to take a stand." Absolutely!

Certain comments on the 'this is' website have been made by people uneducated on this issue, ignorant of the potential risks with these systems - however this is encouragingly balanced with informed comments.

Ignorance is driven by this practice of schools taking children's biometrics without properly consulting parents.

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