Saturday, April 28, 2007

Attendance, books, lunches and computer access

From the Sun Sentinel, South Florida: "Pine Crest Elementary is testing scanners [on school children] that eventually could be used in all Seminole schools

"Let's see how the parents and community respond to it," said John Tracy, who is in charge of technology for Seminole County Public Schools.

Only a handful of parents refused to let their children take part in the experiment at Pine Crest Elementary, the first use of the scanners in Central Florida schools. The school is testing a system produced by Educational Biometric Technology, a Minnesota firm that hopes to move heavily into the schools."

The board is expected to review test results in June and decide whether to expand the program. The $100,000 startup cost could be a snag.

ACLU have had this to say about biometrics in schools.

Parents in Taunton, Massachusetts, had biometric technology withdrawn from schools, at a cost of $40,000+ , when an open debate was had with the school committee regarding parental consent and informed use of the technology with children.


Anonymous said...

Educational Biometric Technology-interesting. I believe this is the company that the school in Earlville Illinois used. Congrats- to the parents in Taunton . They have done their research & became involved in the fight to protect their childrens rights. Illinois will catch up, especially since Illinoians are finally beginning to hear about the school within their own state that has made the mistake of denying children of their rights. Great Job & Keep Fighting! Our children need more parents like those who have started investigating and exposing these lies about the uses and supposed "complete safety" of this technology. Thanks to the Pippaking as well for putting the truth out there which at the very least gives parents factual information about the uses/abuses of biometrics that are out there. This way when parents hear that it could or is going to start getting used at their childrens school they will at least have enough information to speak & stand up for the right to protect their children and their individual information & rights.

Pippa King said...

Thank you for your kind comments. Taunton parents did very well in standing up for their children's rights and informing the school board fully about how biometrics are used in schools.

Illinios at least have laws in place for parental consent, but proper, non bias information should be given. Parents and students should have time to research this technology used in a school setting to enable that an 'informed' consent is made.

Glad this site is of help really - there was very little information out there when I started this last year, so with this blog and the Leave Them Kids Alone site, I think we have it fairly well covered.