Thursday, February 15, 2007

Schools that have scrapped or are opposed to biometrics

Over on the Leave Them Kids Alone site two pages have been added listing schools that will not use biometric technology and those that have used it and scrapped it.

There are four schools in the UK currently that have scrapped fingerprinting/iris scanning, the most recent being yesterday, and biometrics were tried in school(s) in Dundee then dropped. Concerns were over the controversy and because allegedly the technology didn't work efficiently.

One school in China and one in Hong Kong have tried the fingerprint technology and consequently scrapped it amongst privacy concerns with two schools in the US rejecting biometrics.

The figures are tiny in comparison to the numbers of children with their biometric information on databases in schools but reading some of the comments on LTKA's site, from teachers and staff in schools that will not have biometric scanners installed, re-enforces the issue that using biometrics in schools is proving contentious.

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