Sunday, December 24, 2006

‘What are the seven best things you did this past year?’

Just been 'tagged' by ARCH's Blog (thanks!) to list 7 of the best things that I've done this year. So here we go, in no particular order...

1. Had a fabulous family holiday in summer to the Orkney Islands visiting friends who live there - what a stunning place, people friendly, scenary great, hardly any traffic and loads to do. If you're stuck for a holiday, I can highly recommend the Orkney Islands.

2. Discovered Seth Lakeman's music.

3. Cut my working week from 20 hours to 12 hours in July. So now I'm not as constantly tired and have more time with my family- fantastic!

4. Got a dog in February. A black Patterdale Terrier 11 months old. He's a lovely dog and came to us completely house trained and it gets us up and out the house walking him. Here he is --->

5. Started this blog in October and making some headway with getting regulations on the use of biometric technology with children - also have met some good friends along the way.

6. Learnt how to use Photoshop 6 (after many cups of coffee and head scratching).

7. Not everyones highlight of the year but I learnt to cook mousaka. I'm still fine tuning the process as the last one was a bit wierd really, not like the one before but still same receipe - how does that happen? It was that bad I couldn't eat it, kids loved it though and they were okay after it...

Now I've got to tag someone...mmm, well I would have tagged ARCH Blog but they've already been tagged so here goes Andy Clymer, and Eric Dobbs.


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