Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Adult biometrics or Children biometrics?

Appearing on a panel discussion at the Biometrics 2006 show in London speaking on ID cards, Marek Rejman-Greene, a senior biometrics advisor for the Home Office's scientific development branch said:

"I'm surprised how little we know about how people interact with this technology"

"We don't have any idea of the right things to do. We need more research about how people confront this technology, especially if the process goes wrong."

Rejman-Greene said little research has been done into how well equipment would bear up under constant use.

...so if I may make a suggestion here Mr Greene, why don't we test it first on one of our vulnerable groups in our society? - children.

Iron out any technical problems with them, and when we're done testing our children's "confrontation" to biometric technology the technology can then be introduced to the next generation...

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