Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Liverpool councillors sever all ties with biometric technology in schools

This from the Liverpool Echo:

"A meeting of the full council will be asked to express its formal “opposition to the fingerprinting of children by schools” and a ban on any local authority-led promotion of its use save for a criminal investigation.

Picton ward councillor Andrew Makinson who is behind the motion said the £20,000 average cost of installing it could be better spent on school staff.

He said government mishaps with personal information was proof all systems were vulnerable.

Council leader Warren Bradley stressed it had always been down to individual schools to adopt the technology.

He added: “It would be wrong to implement a policy and support something which could potentially be of detriment to the protection of our children.”"


Alice said...

My college has recently taken to registering us by taking our fingerprints. It is a violation of our privacy. I was deeply shocked and disturbed, and I cant believe it cost them up to £20,000!

Its ridiculous. espeically the fact that i wasnt told where my data would go, why they were bringing in this new system, and they didnt even tell my parents. I am 17, and I may not be considered a child anymore, however under law I am not officially adult. My parents were just as angered as i was.

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fingerprint door locks said...

I think that biometric security products have a long place in the educational systems. Just watch.

biometric time clock said...

It will be interesting to see if this changes down the road.